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To be honest, I have never been much of a fan of Lockheart handbags. When I think of this designer, I typically think of utilitarian-looking handbags with lots and lots of pockets. And, from what I recall, they don’t tend to have too many feminine details either. Recently, however, it seems as though Lockheart has been exploring things a little bit beyond their realm. Introducing the Lockheart Zip It Alana Hobo. This bag features a very feminine silhouette, complete with pretty rosette detailing on the front. But this bag also has a bit of an edgy side to it as well. Check out that metallic leather and faceted zipper-trim! Plus the shoulder strap is constructed of a twisted piece of leather. Hmm… quite the interesting combo, if I do say so myself! And its small size (13″ x 7″ x 5″) actually helps make this look doable. If this was a large bag, I think the details would simply become overwhelming.

So if you’re looking for a bag with a bit of a wild side, then check out the Lockheart Zip It Alana Hobo. It retails for $540 and is currently available in Metallic Silver.

Find it at Saks Fifth Avenue

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